The first phase in the restoration of Big Shell Island and the surrounding over flow lands and reefs, as well as cleaning up the Caloosahatchee river itself and our barrier islands, is to involve the public in such a way as to show that restoration makes not only environmental, but economic sense. We intend to show that there are ways to clean up the river, eliminate red tide, and create a healthy climate that is good for both the environment and business (commerce).


    Phase I has already started. Safety Net Engineeing and Inspection Services LLC and Big  Shell Island and Harbourage LLC have built two docks on Big Shell Island and an application has already been submitted for a 600 foot walkway in the center of the island which had  been divided by avulsion from tropical storms and dredging. We intend to set up experiments and displays along the walkway showing ecological techniques discovered in Japan over 3,000 years ago and would like the public to participate. The people of Japan, with little natural resources, developed a society which holds a great respect for Mother Earth as a necessary way of life.  Hundreds of years ago pearl divers, desiring to cultivate the most precious pearls, attached baby oysters to frayed salvaged ropes and set them deep in bays and inlets.  It was noted that the waters around these salvaged ropes was clearer than other waters in the area.  This led researchers to the develpment of today's Bio-cord used by Japanese engineers to clean up rivers and inlets.  They are offering their technical knowledge to help us clean up our waters here in Florida and to also help to protect our beaches from red tide. If only we could import their respect for Mother Earth.  Our only hope is to instill this respect in our children and grandchildren.  That is our goal.  




    In order to protect our .......

delicate, fragile aquatic plants and marine animals in the Harbourage, our ongoing studies, and our young day camp students snorking around our islands, we ask that you not park your water crafts on the Harbourage beaches.


     Please obey the following rules

1. Approach docks at no wake speed.

2. No alcholic beverages.

3. Sorry, no dogs on island.

4. No smoking.

5. Provide your own comfort facilities.

6. Respect our plants and animals.

7. Leave only footprints, take only pictures.


   Go to the  'educationthen  'contact us'  page for a day pass and/or information.

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