Seagrasses --Phase 4

   In Phase 4, We will plant, evaluate and study the effect of sea grasses that help maintain water clarity by trapping fine sediments and particles with their leaves. Seagrasses stabilize the bottom with their roots and rhizomes. They also provide shelter for fishes,crustaceans and shellfish. They and their organisms that grow on them are food for many marine animals and water birds. we will provide an area to study these florida sea grasses. The use of a simulated reef is discussed on the 'oyster farming' page.


   A side point is that the separation between the anaerobes and the aerobes in the cord is made by a film created by the anaerobes to protect themselves from the stronger aerobes and only use the cord as a catalyst medium. The same way a baby is protected by the placenta. Sadly like the anaerobes, T cells, of a cancer that creates a film around a tumor to protect themselves from the more powerful aerobes of our immune system. I believe that studies will show that the best way to destroy the film and let the body's immune system, while its still strong, kill the cancer early, is by the heat of a fever not external heat.








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