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     Over-night Primitive Island Camping is now available. 

THE HARBOURAGE at BIG SHELL ISLAND, FL. along with THE KEOHANE SCHOOL OF MARINE  & ENVIRONMENTAL STUDIES Inc. & McGREGOR RV Park  will be offering to the experienced equipted camper, over-night primitive island camping privileges.

     You will be involved in on-going environmental studies and be expected to report on your experience. You may be asked to assist others where needed. The camping is by donation only. In-kind services like tagging vegetation are welcomed. If you have any suggestions or skills that you could offer please let us know by contacting Maclane Keohane, one of our Bishop Verot volunteer summer counselors at . Our major weakness is  transportation. Does anyone have a mainland river access vacant lot with a dock near Shell Point that we can rent or a small center console boat that we can use for transportation?

      During the last World War, my home town of Hampton, New Hampshire parceled the common area into plots and made them available to the townspeople to raise vegetables. These plots were called victory gardens. It has carried on to this day. The Harbourage wishes to make available to middle school, high school or college students, an area in the harbourage, to be used for research, on their proposal to help save Mother Earth. Please submit your proposal approved by your teacher and a parent or guardian on how to help Mother Earth to The Keohane School of Marine And Environmental Studies. You might wish to grow and study sea grass. We will offer you and your family free access to the Harbourage to work on your project and will assist you in any way possible. On June 1 of each year we will award the student with the best research paper on Helping Mother Earth, a $100 scholarship to the school of his or her choice. It might not seem like a lot, however your work might impress your school.

     At the proper stage of development, The Keohane School of Marine & Environmental Studies may offer paid summer internship to future teaches with one or more years of college leading to a degree in environmental studies. Following this thought, the school's part or full time employees may be given the opportunity to attend one evenng course per semester (fall, winter and/or summer) offered at a local state college or university, paid for by the school, if completed with a "c" grade or better. 

     Our  school will use the Dewey, Felder and Gagne' methods of teaching. 

Dewey introduced the student experiences to the classroom, Felder, the visual  and Gagne' put it together, an engineering way of teaching. The same way that Moms and Dads did it. Learn "Dewey, Felder and Gagne teaching  methods" by going to search , you won't be dissapointed.





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